Sony MDP-999 "the prestige" troubles >>
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Mark Ramsey
2012-03-27 09:35:19 UTC
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powers up, tray works fine, lds and cds go in fine, the trouble starts
when I press play.

the disc does not start spinning and all I hear it this clicking

I took a look and the laser is sort of "triggering" and the mechanism
is slowly tracking back.

It is like it is not recognizing the disc.

I cleaned the laser and the belts look fine >>> ??

Please help. I am in Japan and bought this for $25. I have a pioneer
CLD-99s (non-elite) for back up, but this is Sony looks and feels
like a solid unit.
2012-03-27 21:57:45 UTC
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Either the laser is bad or the electronics. What it is doing is just trying to get a simple reflection back off the disc surface. It also should not be tracking back, it should only be trying the LD and CD start positions. My initial opinion is that the problem is in the electronics if it keeps drifting back.