MDP-333 problem
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Mr. Mike
2011-07-11 16:16:58 UTC
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I was given a Sony player, model MDP-333.

When you hit eject on either the player or the remote, the door opens
a little bit, but the tray does not come out. The door closes and then
there are various noises from inside (nothing serious, from what I can

If you hold the door open with your fingers (holding it down as far as
possible), then hit "eject," the tray will come out and you can
proceed as normal.

Is this a known problem with this or similar models, and is there any
easy fix for this?
2011-07-12 03:31:21 UTC
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Common problem for almost all Sony players. Need to open it up clean
the loading/eject belt, re-lubricate the loading mechanism. Then you
get the famous Grainy picture Sony was known for. The MDP-650 was the
best Sony player.